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wimpy.jpg Fast Food Outlet Trivia

After my incredible revelations about the fast food outlet I attended last week (those revelations in full: a pizza place had spelled “Triple” incorrectly on one of their promotional posters) I’ve spent the last few days immersing myself in fast foot outlet trivia. And without wanting to sound like a Peter Kay tribute act: Who remembers Wimpy? What were they all about, eh? I used to be taken to Wimpy for a treat by my parents as a reward for trudging round British Home Stores to find new school trousers. Consumed by nostalgia I googled Wimpy to see when they shut up shop, but – what’s this? – it’s still actually going! There are a handful of them dotted around the country and the nearest one appears to be in Motherwell, somewhere between Edinburgh and Glasgow. I’m sorely tempted to make a quixotic journey up there just so I can sample one of their ice cream sundaes again. I can’t afford a holiday this year, but if that’s not the next best thing then I don’t know what is.