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Music Editorial

emmythe19.jpg How great is she?

You have to have some chutzpah, and no little greatness, to take the stage name Emmy the Great, but, thankfully, Emma-Lee Moss (for such is her real name) pulls it off with aplomb.

You might call it anti-folk or neo-folk or indie-folk or, indeed, indie-folktronica-pop, but whatever term you use, it’s undeniable that E the G has got that ineffable something. The Great’s last album, ‘Second Love’, was her most rounded yet featuring sparse synth hymns to lust and wanderlust, and was an affecting portrait of a millennial lost soul. Hazy guitars, and echoing bits of instrumentation and samples, provided plenty of texture, with technology being teased into the kind of softer areas favoured by FKA Twigs and Alt-J. She also manages to pull off the rare trick of making everything seem muted, yet epically wide-screen, which makes for an utterly enthralling listen. I’m hoping this current tour will herald the release of some new stuff and we’ll get to hear some at her Newcastle gig.

Emmy the Great, Wednesday 29 May, The Cluny, Ouseburn, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £15. thecluny.com