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Music Editorial

littleunsaid19.jpg Say what?

Are The Little Unsaid about to release one of the year’s best albums? I rather think that they might be.

And that album in full? ‘Atomise’, which is being released by Reveal Records on 24 May. It was written by head honcho John Elliott (that’s him with the beard) last summer when he locked himself away in a Pembrokeshire cottage to record rough demos on piano, before taking them to the band’s North London studio where they were worked up into the incantatory suite of leftfield alt-folk-rock songs that we are being presented with today. They are deeply atmospheric with Elliot’s lyrics seeking to find little pools of light in the darkness with the band swirling up a rare kind of magic, like Fleetwood Mac trying their hand at penning some Bon Iver tunes. Their recent European tour also saw them likened to Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen, and the imminent release of ‘Atomise’ will prove that such comparisons are not wide of the mark.

The Little Unsaid, Tuesday 7 May, Old Cinema Launderette, 38 Marshall Terrace, Durham, 7pm, £12. oldcinemalaunderette.uk