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Music Editorial

charliesoul19.jpg Local: Charlie Soul

Is Charlie Soul the coolest name in pop? (Answer: yes.) And – get this! - it’s not even a made-up stage name! (Well, nearly. Her real name is Charlotte Soulsby. But still.)

Usually when I receive an email containing the line, “I am a 14 year old female singer-songwriter” I’m ready to hit delete. 14 years old? What can she possibly be good at? Not getting served in pubs? But I give Charlie Soul’s debut single a whirl and my face was like one of those Britain’s Got Talent judges’ when they think that someone is going to be absolutely terrible, but turn out to be absolutely amazing. Honestly, if a camera had of been on my face when I listened to ‘Obsessed’, and the footage uploaded to YouTube, it would have already been viewed at least 14 million times. It’s a beautifully produced slice of slinky, modern pop; a grand (and indeed Ariana Grande-like) ballad, which soars over a nicely minimal backdrop with those wise-beyond-her-years vocals pushed upfront and centre. There’s a second single due imminently, so stop wasting time reading this and seek it out, pronto.

Instagram: charliexsoulx; Twitter: @charliexsoulx