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Music Editorial

michaelgallagher19.jpg Local: Michael Gallagher

He’s 22, he’s from Hartlepool and he’s got it going on. If you’d like to know precisely what he’s got going on then check out this following message.

Over the last couple of years Michael Gallagher has been building a name for himself among those of us who would sell our own grannies for some quality power pop, and his hard work is really beginning to pay off. He released a four-track EP in April, which was positively chunky with quality, and also played a launch party at The Studio in Hartlepool, as well as Stockton Calling. Said EP – which appears to be titled ‘Michael Gallagher EP’ – should be your first port of call if you’d like to make your acquaintance with him. It contains tracks such as ‘Pull Me Aside’, which has the kind of swagger you may find at the cooler end of glam rock (think Bowie; think Lou Reed) and ‘All Night’ which sounds like it was culled from ‘Pump It Up’ era Elvis Costello, or the feistier end of Vampire Weekend. And ‘Sometimes’ shows just how to slow a song down without losing any revs – it still feels wired, and ready to take off (which, indeed, it duly does, finishing with a last-song-of-the-night like crescendo). A word too for the band (it’s not just him – there are drummers and stuff). I’m not sure what they’re names are, but they’re also great.

Seek: facebook.com/MichaelStephenGallagher