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Our Crack Little Crack

signdog.jpg 10 Items Or Fewer

I once told somebody working on the checkout in Morrisons that the sign above her till should read “10 items or fewer” and not “10 items or less” as “less” was grammatically incorrect. I may as well have told her that I’d painted my bathroom ceiling blue (i.e. she couldn’t be less bothered – or should that be fewer bothered?). Since then I’ve decided to abandon my life of pointing out errors in signage. And I’ve resolutely stuck to it – until Saturday night that is. I was in a fast food establishment (yep, I know how to party) and on one of their posters they were advertising a “Tripple value meal deal”. Tripple. Two ‘p’s. As I picked up my food (which definitely covered all five healthy food groups) I said to the bloke behind the counter: “Hey! Somebody has spelt ‘Triple’ incorrectly on that poster. But how about – when you change it – you make it read ‘Trippple’. Three ‘p’s. For triple. Do you see?’ He just handed me my change and started serving the next customer. Why do I bother?