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Our Crack Little Crack

dogman.jpg Attention Women!

Attention women! Have you ever had sex with a dog? I only ask because I read an article last week that was headlined: ‘Dogpilling: the online theory that women are rejecting men to have sex with dogs’. Apparently ‘Dogpilling’ means you have “taken the dogpill or you haven’t” - the notion being that those who have been exposed to, and believe the theory, are the ones who have taken the pill that makes them see the truth (i.e. like a sexy Crufts version of the Matrix). The theory is being propagated by “incels” (stay with me), which stands for “involuntary celibate” (i.e. men who want to have sex with women but can’t find any women to have sex with them). In short, there is a bunch of spotty Herberts sitting around in their bedrooms all trying to convince each other that no woman will shag them because the lasses are all off getting frisky with cockapoos. And which corner of the dark web did I read this nonsense: The New sodding Statesman. Sometimes I just wish someone would pull the Internet’s plug out.