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Music Editorial

ponyland19.jpg Answers on a postcard…

We think it’s high time you started fluttering your eyelashes in the direction of Newcastle’s Ponyland for no other reason than their new album is absolutely amazing.

The byline above does not lie because Ponyland’s album, ‘Mora Mora’, is indeed amazing. It’s also the most deliriously off the map release I’ve heard since pussy was a kitten with tracks such as ‘Voodoo’ sounding like The Bagdaddies (themselves no slouches when it comes to mixing Balkan melodies, ska and Latin grooves) hopped up on Red Bull. Elsewhere they’re pulling to bits afrobeat, punk and jazz, without – and this is the important bit – losing the ability to keep hitting a glorious ramshackle groove. It’s utterly demented in the best possible way and I imagine their live shows are the exact opposite of sedate (see above). Find out for yourself when they play the next Spotlight event that will also feature the singular talents of ska-punk radgies Goodsprings and rock and roll upstarts Lovejoy.

Spotlight presents: Goodsprings + Ponyland + Lovejoy, Sunday 28 April, Think Tank? Times Square, Newcastle, 7pm, £4. facebook.com/events/394993147971939