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Our Crack Tongue & Groove

littlebag.jpg What fresh hell is this?

French fashion brand Jacquemus have just starting selling a bag that is rather, well, just take a look at it.

When I first heard about Le Mini Chiquito bags I assumed they were a joke in the manner of those tiny mobile phones the models in Ben Stiller’s 2001 comedy ‘Zoolander’ use. Surely they had been mocked up by satirists looking to take an easy swing at fashion’s current obsession with handbags that seem to get smaller each season. But no. They are real and available for literally 400 quid.

You would think the market for these bags would be limited (and anyone who did part with that sort of cash for such a stupid item would at least now have the perfect place to keep all of their brain cells), but apparently they’ve been flying off the shelves. What gives? Apparently Jacquemus scored a big hit with their microbag last year, which saw fashionistas coming to blows in their efforts to get hold of a bit of arm candy that was just about big enough to squeeze in a packet of mini-cheddars. No doubt the creatives at the French fashion house noted the success of this virtually useless item and decided to up the ante by making something that was actually useless. I mean to say, what on earth could anyone practically keep in it? David Davis’s original Brexit plan? Newcastle United’s summer transfer budget? Chris Grayling’s nous? I suppose supermodels could use them to store their non-existent lunches in, but they truly are a case of one size fits no one.