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Stage Editorial

philosophy18.jpg Makes you think…

The ‘On Philosophy’ public lecture series is running at the Lit & Phil and it’s thrumming with thought-provoking talks.

Thrumming? Yep! Check out ‘The Ethics of Debt & Finance’ by Alexander Douglas in which he asks: why should we pay our debts? I’ll have a bit of that. He will explain how the current system pertaining to finance is inherently unjust and discuss some simple reforms, while also inviting you to speculate on why they haven’t been taken up (11 April). Also coming up is ‘Does Gender Exist?’ with Jemima Repo who will be discussing the emergence of gender in its specifically modern form and raising questions about what gender even is (23 April). ‘How to be an Epicurean’ sees Catherine Wilson talking about Epicureanism as a framework for living, not only comfortably and happily, but in a responsible and meaningful way (7 May); while Justin E.H. Smith will be attempting to illuminate unreason at a moment when the world appears to have gone mad again in ‘The Dark Side of Reason’ (21 May). Finally, Michael Bavidge will be talking about ‘Philosophy at the Margins’ reflecting on what is involved in being domiciled in the physical and social worlds (4 June).

On Philosophy: Lit & Phil, 23 Westgate Road, Newcastle. Doors 6.45pm/talks 7pm, £5 (£3 students/unwaged). Advance tickets not available. biggbooks.co.uk; newphilsoc.org.uk