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woolrich19.jpg Let’s do it outdoors

There’s nothing I love more than wearing clothes outdoors. It’s so liberating. And specialists Woolrich do it outdoors better than most.

To say that US firm Woolrich have been kicking around a bit is like saying Kim Kardashian likes showing her bum. They have a truly venerable history that stretches right back to the American Civil War (Woolrich, that is; not Kim Kardashian and her bum. It just feels that way). Woolrich even kitted out soldiers during said civil war, as well as sundry Antarctic explorers, so they certainly know a thing or two about making stuff that stands up to the rigours of extreme weather (although they proved rather less good at deflecting bayonet attacks). They’re still making top quality outdoor wear as you can see from our rather earnest young model here. Apparently for their spring/summer range they have taken their inspiration from “simple, natural perfections, from trekking through forest trails, fishing in untapped streams to climbing sheer rock faces”. It also looks like it would be canny for keeping out a bit of drizzle when you’re walking to the chippy.

Seek: woolrich.eu