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napapijri19.jpg Napapijri grabs urban sprawl

And the specific bit of urban sprawl the Italian casual-wear brand have been grabbing is in Los Angeles where they carried out their latest shoot.

And if I’m not very much mistaken this lass is standing around in the stark urban wasteland of LA’s flat riverbed, a location which has proved so attractive to filmmakers down through the years from ‘Point Blank’ (the cult 1967 neo-noir starring Lee Marvin in the single-minded pursuit of mayhem) and ‘Grease’ (the riverbed featured the famous car race between Greased Lightning and that black car with the ineffective rotating blade attachments). I’m not sure exactly what Napapijri (pronounced ‘Napapijri’) are doing lurking around down there and the name of their Spring/Summer collection makes it no clearer: ‘Future-Positive’. They also go on to say incomprehensively: “The main concept is a play on the multidimensional realities that new generations experience in their life today. As the Napapijri Tribe unites and goals merge, opportunities for self-empowerment, mind-awakening and spiritual growth appear unlimited. It is here that the “future positive” vision is represented by a powerful reference of unity and self-experience.” The upshot of all that flannel is they have some nice new coats and hoodies for you to have a look at.

Seek: napapijri.com