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Stage Editorial

julietandromeo19.jpg Jabber the hit!

The wonderful Jabberwocky Market, which brings innovative theatrical experiences to Darlington, is back! Back! BACK!

This super pop-up festival is once again overflowing with good stuff including ‘Now Is The Time To Say Nothing’, an interactive sound and video installation observing global conflicts (11-13 April); ‘Big Little Gigs Family Pop Choir’, featuring Easter holiday musical fun for all the family (17 April); and Lost Dog’s critically lauded ‘Juliet and Romeo’ (pictured), which tells the tale of how the star-crossed lovers didn’t die but are now in the grip of a mid-life crisis. And that’s just April. In May they have ‘Tensile Strength’, about things getting all A Bit Too Much, and then the cat goes missing (4 May); ‘Eurohouse’ (4 May) featuring two performers – 1 Greek, 1 French, who dance, shout, cry and sing (4 May); ‘Noisy Holiday’ with the irrepressible Kid Carpet (10 & 11 May); and ‘Dance Workshop’, a teen workshop with the Lost Dog dancers. Grab more information on all of these productions from the website, below.

Jabberwocky Market, 11 April-11 May, Darlington. luxicreative.co.uk/jabberwocky-market