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Stage Editorial

teechers19.jpg Best days of your life…

John Godber’s hilarious ‘Teechers’ is being brought to the Gala Theatre in Durham this May. ‘Teechers’ is one of John Godber’s best-loved plays and with little wonder.

A fast-moving, funny and evocative piece it features three school leavers who decide to perform an end of term tribute about their time in secondary school. They bring to life the school bully, feared by pupils and teachers alike; Barry, the kid who never brings his PE kit; and the headmistress and her obsession with the annual Gilbert and Sullivan production. They also tell the story of their drama teacher, who ignites their passion for the stage with his idealism and belief. This is a Gala Theatre production and brought to you from the team who also scored big recent successes with ‘Educating Rita’, ‘Talking Heads’ and ‘Two’. Get ready for some brilliantly observed hilarity from the pen of a modern master. Eyes front and no talking at the back.

Teechers, Monday 6-Saturday 11 May, Gala Theatre, Durham, 7.30pm (6pm on Wed. Also matinees on Tues & Thurs, 1pm), £10-£16. galadurham.co.uk