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Stage Editorial

kiri19.jpg Victims, love and lies…

Kiri Pritchard-McLean was one of the critical darlings of last year’s Edinburgh Fringe and she’s bringing her ‘Victim, Complex’ show to Newcastle in April.

I first warmed to Kiri Pritchard-McLean when I caught her on one of those ‘Russell Howard Hour’ or ‘The Now Show’ type programmes. She was talking about how she fancied her personal trainer who was well built and “very symmetrical”. What put her off was the fact that he was called Colin. “He didn’t look like a Colin though,” she said, “he looked liked… a racist.” In her new show she uses the break-up of a longterm relationship to delve into all sorts of issues, from her high sex drive to the dawning realisation that she was being cheated on. A superbly constructed routine, her own personal circumstances are a springboard to bring in all sorts of other observations. She’s a real talent and that rise to the top seems certain. Catch her on the way up.

Kiri Pritchard-McLean: Victim, Complex, Tuesday 30 April, Stand Comedy Club Bar & Bistro, Newcastle, doors 7.30pm (show 8.30pm), £12.50/£10. thestand.co.uk