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Music Editorial

noiseand19.jpg Local: The Noise & The Naive

A set of drums, a guitar and enough amped up energy to light up a capital city is more than enough to get me on board with this duo.

If you’ve not yet made acquaintance with The Noise & The Naive then take yourself off to YouTube forthwith and check out the video for ‘Mus Musculus’ the lead single from their just released ‘Inside Me Ten Thousand Men Ten Filthy Curs’. You’ll find the pair whipping a crowd into a frenzy (as well as hanging out in a field with some kind of yeti) and wielding the kind of rumbustious racket that is threatening to give rumbustious rackets a good name all over again. They’re a French duo, who now call Newcastle their home, and we’re more than happy to have them when they’re hitting us up with songs that have been dipped in a big vat of abrasive with a side order of sugar. They’re banging plenty of gongs at once, specifically those marked ‘The Slits’, ‘The White Stripes’, ‘X-Ray Spex’ and ‘Riot Grrrl’, and that’s the kind of gong-fest I just can’t resist. They’ve got a gig in Newcastle this April (see below) that I imagine is going to be something of a firecracker.

The Noise & The Naive, Thursday 18 April, The Cumberland Arms, Newcastle. facebook.com/NoiseNaiveBand; noisenaive.bandcamp.com