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Music Editorial

stburyan19.jpg Local: St. Buryan

Newcastle/Sunderland quintet St. Buryan, how do I love thee, let me count the ways…

I love many things about St. Buryan and one of them is the fact they’re not afraid to play footsy with damn fine rollicking pop tunes and that’s exactly what they’ve done on their most recent single ‘Giving In’. I actually reviewed it last issue and there’s part of me that’s still kicking myself for not awarding it our (not that) coveted Single of the Month slot. It’s a real riff-fuelled banger powered by plenty of “whoah a-whoah a-whoahs” and a pounding tune that is an instant lapel grabber. If you’re asking me to shove the band into some kind of handy pigeonhole then I don’t think I’d be putting too many noses out of joint if I fired words such as “Indie” and “Rock” and “With a side-order of infectious melodic clatter” at you. The Newcastle/Sunderland five-piece have amassed a following in the north-east with well received appearances at the likes of the Evolution Emerging festival and they’re set to grow their fanbase with their biggest headline show to date at Think Tank? in Newcastle this April. Thrills will undoubtedly ensue.

St. Buryan + support, Saturday 27 April, Think Tank? Newcastle, 7pm, £6. facebook.com/stburyan