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Our Crack Little Crack

caveman.jpg Cavemen

I like to think of myself as a deep thinker. This week I’ve been considering the plight of cavemen and what on earth they did for fun in the evenings. (I’ve also been thinking about how we don’t hear so much about cavewomen #StoneAgeMisognyny.) They didn’t have pop-up gins bars or the 12-screen multiplexes that we take for granted today. They probably had fancy dress parties, but I bet their choice of costume was severely limited. Think about it. If you’re a caveman or cavewoman who gets invited to a fancy dress party what on earth could you feasibly go as? Elvis hadn’t been invented nor had Wonder Woman or Bart Simpson or Snow White or Super Mario or Princess Leila. There were no cowboys, hippies, flappers or sexy nuns (or, indeed, sexy santas or sexy Shreks). Picture the scene: “I’ve been invited to Billy’s fancy dress party.” “Oh yeah? What you going as?” “Same as usual I suppose: a rock. Maybe a shrub.” Like I say: a deep thinker.