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Our Crack Little Crack

jackson.jpg A Startling Fact

I learned a startling fact a number of years ago (a quick google tells me that it was, in actual fact, 2007 – Christ!) and it’s plagued me ever since. This unusual bit of information was first made known to me when I was watching an episode of Celebrity Big Brother. (I only started watching it because the maverick film director Ken Russell was on it but I seem to remember he only lasted five days before walking out.) The other housemates included H (from Steps), Danielle Lloyd (from topless photo shoots) and Jermaine Jackson (from the Jacksons). And it was something that Jermaine revealed on the show that has haunted me ever since, to wit, he called his son Jermajesty. JERMAJESTY! What a 100%, copper-bottomed, what-on-earth-were-you-thinking, boob. I’m only mentioning it now – 12 years after the event – because I don’t suppose there’s a week goes by when I don’t think about his son, walking around, head probably lowered, having to tell everyone that he is called Jermajesty. It’s no life.