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plottwist.jpg Scarves! Plot twist!

Sigrid (pictured) is one of the best pop stars to have emerged in the last year or two and among her official merchandise is some very covetable clobber. Such as this scarf.

Norway’s Sigrid hasn’t unduly troubled the compilers of the British pop-charts, but then she is only 22 and hasn’t even released an album yet. Her biggest hit thus far is ‘Strangers’ which was one of the greatest singles of 2017 with its euphoric synth-pop rushes and general sense of whoosyness. She has also released the very excellent ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ EP, which features four tracks of subtle and sweetly wonky pop. One of the songs on the EP is ‘Plot Twist’, a ditch your lover kind of thing: “Do you need to spell it out loud? You screwed it up – Plot Twist! – moved on and now you want me to play games like a wannabe – tough luck”. And, what do you know, said song is now also a scarf and it’s just one of several items available from her official website including some ‘Head over Heels’ socks, ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ hats and assorted t-shirts and jumpers. All these items will be available in March along with her debut album, ‘Sucker Punch’, which, annoyingly I’ve not had an advance copy of yet. But if it’s anything like her natty range of clothing then she’s got a hit on her hands.

Seek: thisissigrid.com