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Stage Editorial

elevator19.jpg Elevator Festival. Going up.

The Elevator Festival features six new plays by rising talent that have been selected by Live Theatre for their exceptional new ideas, alongside workshops and masterclasses.

This festival is always overflowing with goodies and it looks particularly enticing this year. The productions include ‘It’ll be AltRight on the Night’ (a story of friendship, disenfranchisement, punk-rock and a global movement, born of economic, political and social frustrations - 21-23 March); a double bill featuring ‘West End Girls’ (three different women’s stories from three housing estates in Newcastle) + ‘W*nk Buddies’ (set in teenage bedrooms where discussions of identity, class, sexuality and gender collide with a mix of boxing, films and porn -26-30 March); a double bill featuring ‘Pops’ (a father and daughter caught in a vicious cycle of shame and addiction) and ‘Locks’ (what happens when a mixed-race lad from a leafy English suburb goes to find his identity in Jamaica? 28-29 March); and ‘The Devil Danced in our Eyes’ (pictured – exploring sexuality, mental health and the relationship between a mother and son - 29-30 March). Among the workshops and talks will be ‘Future of Playwriting’, ‘Directing Masterclass’, ‘Working Class Representation’ and ‘Women & the World’.

Elevator Festival, 21-30 March, Live Theatre, Broad Chare, Newcastle. www.live.org.uk