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Stage Editorial

giddygos.jpg Gosforth gets giddy

The Gosforth Civic Theatre’s spring programme is loaded with delights for the entire family taking in the kind of music, theatre and film that has left me – as the headline kind of hints at – rather giddy.

The Gosforth Civic Theatre have already laden us down with treats galore in 2019 and the coming months look equally as enticing. I’m particularly looking forward to a screening of Kusama: Infinity (pictured - 5 March), an insightful documentary about the queen of polka dots, Yayoe Kusama, and her journey against the odds to become a renowned artist. And whoever is sorting out the cinema programming at the venue seems to have a direct hotline to the kind of films that ring my bell because they’re also screening the powerful and challenging New Zealand drama Waru (1 March); and The Breadwinner (24 March), a beautiful animation set in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. 

As ever, there is plenty going on for children to enjoy and I’d particularly look out for Noisy Holiday from Kid Carpet and Noisy Animals, which is aimed especially at 3-5 year olds (11 April, 11am & 3pm). A very silly show featuring a mix of live music, theatre, comedy, puppetry and animation – as well as hot new tracks from Kid Carpet – expect flying tents, diving bears, massive carrots and Ibiza anthems.

The renowned Eliot Smith Dance will be at the theatre with a triple bill that has been created with some of the industry’s foremost choreographers, dancers and composers (13 & 14 April). Their latest pieces will take the audience on a spellbinding and powerful journey which have all been brought to life through their signature choreographic style. 

Comedy? Paul Mayhew-Archer is one of the co-writers of ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ and this engaging raconteur won’t be hampered by the fact that he has Parkinson’s. In fact he takes it rather less seriously than you’d expect (25 April).

We’re only giving you the merest lick of the lollipop here of all the good stuff the theatre has going on. Grab yourself a real bite by checking out their website.

Gosforth Civic Theatre, Regent Farm Road, Gosforth, Newcastle. gosforthcivictheatre.co.uk