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As everyone keeps remarking we’re living in politically weird times. Weird meaning awful as far as I’m concerned. And I think that a lot of people are meaner and less kind as a result. Need an example? How about the news that car manufacturer Nissan wasn’t going to build the new X-Trail in Sunderland? The implication being that Brexit was going to affect profits and possibly lead Nissan to, at some point in our Brexit future, relocate the Nissan factory somewhere else in Europe. Cue the avalanche of ‘informed’ comment the thrust of which laid the blame squarely on the people of Sunderland for voting for Brexit in the first place. It was their fault. ‘Schadenfreude’ some people said. Agents of their own misfortune. What idiocy. If you’re going to play the blame game properly why not blame politicians in the sixties and seventies who mismanaged Britain’s manufacturing and car industries and welcomed globalisation. Or blame Thatcher who hastened Britain’s decline by adopting economic Darwinism which ‘helped’ the strong survive: the strong, quite often given backhanders to stay strong and who were more than likely to be union bashing, global conglomerates. Why not blame Jeremy Clarkson and co who for years kept on encouraging boneheaded petrolheads to upgrade their cars, when if anyone in government had any sense, they would have changed Top Gear to No Gear and ensured that everyone who passed their test would be forced to drive the British made and manufactured version of the Trabant. Or why not blame Nissan, who don’t really care about this country, in general, or Sunderland, in particular, and are just the latest bunch of car-making sharks looking for another crumb of profit. Let’s get it right, the mean and unkind are quite often the sort of people who, when presented with a complicated question, will plump for an easy answer. The kind of people who dislike all those, whatever race, creed or colour, who need representation or help, the social and political bullies who have been given a free pass by political goons like Farage and Trump to say the unsayable, not feel the need to apologise or even understand that words have consequences. Both have blood on their hands. You don’t think so? Too harsh? Heard of Jo Cox? Charlottesville? And as political consequences spin out of control and are robbed of meaning by the media, the mean and unkind and various Nasty Party front-stabbers are given free reign on social media to blame the weak and powerless and when forced to backtrack use terms like ‘taken out of context’ or ‘fake news’. The people of Sunderland are just another section of society who have been conveniently fitted up by the power brokers and rich businessmen behind Brexit. The same power brokers and businessmen who have created the mean and unkind in their likeness and will continue to use them to deflect criticism from where it rightly belongs.