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Art Editorial

georgoskar.jpg Fancy a dip with this bunch?

Check out these frolickers at Icelandic painter Georg Óskar’s first UK solo exhibition at Breeze Creative’s Abject Gallery in Newcastle.

“My work could be described as a visual diary.” So says the Berlin-based Georg Óskar and, oh!, would that my diary was as interesting as his. His painting, ‘The Bathers’ (pictured) for instance appears to depict what I can only describe as a full-on orgy, and it looks like he attended it around Halloween judging by the sundry ghosts and devils who appear to be tagging along for the ride. His work has a fluid, scratchy energy, reminiscent of David Hockney’s early pieces, and he also shares Hockney’s ability to tear down any walls between the viewer and subject matter with a rare and honest intimacy. Following completion of his MFA from the Bergen Academy of Art & Design in Norway in 2016, Óskar has exhibited internationally in Spain, Germany, China, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland, but this show sees him taking his first solo UK bow.

Georg Óskar: I felt bad but I feel a little bit better now, until 23 March, Abject Gallery, 8thfloor, Bamburgh House, Market Street (East), Newcastle. breezecreatives.com/abject-gallery