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Art Editorial

bus2move19.jpg Get your back up off the wall

In his first institutional solo exhibition in the north-east, Simeon Barclay presents a new body of work informed by his research into dance. Fancy that!

Of course “dance” can refer to many things, from people in leotards throwing avant-garde shapes in front of a chin-stroking audience to the likes of me shaking a leg down my local Roxy, but Simeon Barclay appears to have all bases covered. This exhibition combines costume, film and video, photography, lighting and sound for a real visual and aural feast with particular regard paid to the construction of masculinity. He also undertook a research residency at Phoenix Dance Theatre to inform the creation of new artwork for the show. Focusing on choreography, sound design, costume, lighting and stage design, this research has culminated in a series of new installations.

Simeon Barclay: Bus2move, 15 March-27 April, Workplace, The Old Post Office, 19-21 West St., Gateshead. workplacegallery.co.uk