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Stage Editorial

jenbrister19.jpg Jen at work

You’ll not find out the meaning of life from Jen Brister. She’s too busy trying to stop her twins from using her shoes as a toilet. See her in Durham this March.

Jen Brister has been getting whole swathes of five-star reviews for her latest show ‘Meaningless’ in which she turns her fire onto a variety of different deserving subjects. Like her mother. She moved into Brister’s house when the stand-up comic gave birth to twins – ostensibly to help with childcare, but in reality to judge her daughter at every opportunity. She’s also got plenty – PLENTY! – to say about how girls and boys are brought up differently, and has lingering recollections of how she was treated differently to her brothers. And then there is society in general who render her more or less invisible at 43 years of age, while teenage girls can’t go a minute without being objectified or made to feel insecure. Outrageously funny, she’s just the person to turn to when you’re trying to find meaning in your otherwise pointless existence.

Jen Brister: Meaningless, Friday 29 March, Gala Theatre, Durham, 7.30pm, £12 (£10 concession). galadurham.co.uk