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lenelovich19.jpg Lovich actually

Lene Lovich was one of the leading figures of the new wave scene back in the late 70s and early 80s and she – and her band – are hitting the road in March to play their classic 1978 album ‘Stateless’.

Here’s something that you didn’t know: Lene Lovich actually wrote the lyrics to Cerrone’s sci-fi disco winner ‘Supernature’ back in 1975. Fancy that! She’s more famous however for her classic hit ‘Lucky Number’, which was a worldwide smash and reached No. 3 in the UK charts. It’s taken from ‘Stateless’, a release which confirmed Lovich as one of the real leading lights of the new wave scene as she fused whip-smart tunes with all manner of idiosyncrasies and post-punk sass. It’s an album that still sounds as fresh today as it ever did, absolutely bereft of flab, with Lovich’s strident vocal carrying all before it. It’s an album that is still cherished by art-pop outfits the world over (and fans like me) and it’s going to be very special to hear it performed live in its entirety. Altogether now: “I never felt the need to have a hand to hold, in everything I do I take complete control, that’s where I’m coming from, my lucky number’s one…”

Lene Lovich Band + Barbara Gogan (The Passions), Friday 8 March, Riverside, Newcastle, 7pm, £20. riversidenewcastle.co.uk