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Music Editorial

nelunlit19.jpg Local: Nel Unlit

I really love the cut of Nel Unlit’s jib and if you like your folk bands to take the road marked “Most Interesting Ideas Right This Way” then I’m certain you will too.

This Teesside bunch have beguiled and delighted me with their sundry releases since they formed in 2016. They bring a real orchestral sweep to their folk music which gives it a kind of full-bodied feel; something to really get your teeth into. Their recent single ‘Fireflies’ has one of those conjured up out of the ether vibes, and it put me in mind of Hen Ogledd – the quartet featuring Richard Dawson, Rhodri Davies, Dawn Bothwell and Sally Pilkington – who released one of the best albums of 2018 in ‘Mogic’, which featured a real cauldron of goodies from bent-out-of-shape folk to art-pop. The flip of ‘Fireflies’ is ‘Wings’, a cover of the Vin Garbutt song and it is equally as good, the band doing full justice to one of the region’s favourite sons. They’re currently working on their first album and I couldn’t be more excited as, according to this press release I’m looking at, it’s “a massive and ambitious folk-opera based on Neil Gaiman’s ‘Worlds End’ graphic novel’. Sounds right up my street. (Note: The band are due to play the Stockton Calling Festival on Saturday 20 April.)

Seek: nelunlit.com