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Music Editorial

dogyears19.jpg Local: Dog Years

I love a band who look like happy and Dog Years are veritably hand-holding happy, and that’s probably down to the fact that they’re about to release their first studio album in March (and it’s a belter).

And among those people holding hands in the above picture are husband and wife Simon and Carly Fee who share vocal duties on a debut album which is as abrasive a slice of guitar indie-pop I’ve heard in a while. Making up the band are Jayne Pearson on drums and Gary Bell handling bass - a rhythm section that propel the band into the kind of territories that push all of my buttons. They’re a little bit new wave, a little bit post-punk, a little bit C86 and I caught flashes of everyone from The Raincoats to Elvis Costello to The Boomtown Rats in there. The album is called ‘A Flame in Waiting’ and took a few years to pull together. Simon: “It hasn’t been for want of trying. We had some success with early demos, got played a bit on the radio, did a few good gigs and it all seemed quite easy. But then it went tits up and everyone left, apart from me.” Thankfully, things have now gone the opposite of tits up (tits down?) and the album has turned out to be something really rather special.

Dog Years release ‘A Flame in Waiting’ on Friday 8 March and they are having a launch gig at Cluny 2 in Newcastle on Saturday 16 March. facebook.com/pg/dogyearsmusic