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Our Crack Little Crack

lordigby.jpg Lord Digby Jones

I heard an interview with Lord Digby Jones on the radio last week and he claimed that Brexit wouldn’t cost the UK “a single job”. (A headline in my newspaper the next day read: “Fear of hard Brexit pushes one in three firms to plan move abroad” but we’ll let that go for the time being.) When the interviewer, Emma Barnett, pulled him up on his – what’s the word I’m looking for here – “lies”? he started chuntering on about how the “elites” were trying to talk down and derail Brexit. Elites? ELITES? This from a man called Lord Digby Jones. LORD! He is a walking, talking, huge-neon-sign-flashing-on-and-off-above-his-stupid-fat-head-proclaiming “Paid Up Member of the Elite Right Here” very definition of an “elite”. His railing at “elites” put me in mind of Richard Branson’s pronouncements on the importance of green issues in an interview last year which had me screaming at the radio: “Green issues! You own a sodding airline you stupid mad bastard.”