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Queer Editorial

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It’s a right dog’s Brexit and make no mistake…

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit. What an utter shit show. Here’s two things to picture as Theresa May and her government hang by the thread of no-confidence. The first is the creaking bit of furniture May was handed by her predecessor; the second is that big red lie on wheels. Whatever you think of May – and to be clear, I am no Tory and never will be – Brexit is a hastily constructed flat-pack bedside cabinet, badly put together by someone who threw the instructions out the nearest window while failing to check if all the fittings were in the box. And the box that cabinet came in? It didn’t read “1 shelf bedside cabinet” on the side, in its stack in the self-service warehouse, oh no – instead it read “integrated full-wall storage solution, Smart TV, surround sound system and free membership to premium streaming services included”. I want to remain in the EU. Not because it’s perfect, but because considering the challenges of our near-future we are going to be better off more together, not further apart. My hatred of the referendum is not because it didn’t go the way I wanted but because I believe a lot of my fellow countrymen and women chose Leave because they were presented with that integrated storage system and all it was promised to contain, while that big red bus drove up and down their street. People who voted to Leave aren’t all stupid, a lot of them are probably sick of being lied to and used by self-serving “public servants” who are now part of an administrative class whose prime function is to further and protect the interest of the capitalist elite. I think that’s what’s at the bottom of this whole Brexit shit show. The solution? Right now, we need a second referendum. After that, and whatever the outcome, we need to work on how we got into this mess in the first place, while putting right the damage the first referendum has done. I will respect the result when I feel people were able to choose from a place of truth and transparency. And that can only happen when we have an equitable society. I’ll just leave that there while we wait to see how things unfold.