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Queer Editorial

queereye19.jpg I spy with my queer eye…

…something beginning with “JVN”. The breakout star from Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ is undoubtedly Jonathan Van Ness and he’s visiting the UK in the spring. Consider this your official heads-up.

The ‘Queer Eye’ revival on Netflix was something of a sleeper hit, with word-of-mouth (and several panting op-ed pieces in newspapers) fuelling its success. A US show, it features five gay fellas – buffed to within an inch of their lives – pulling Joe Six-Pack to bits before revamping their living spaces and wardrobes (sartorial advice usually consists of the English bloke in the quintet telling a fat cop/fireman/whatever, that they should be “comfortable wearing layers”). It’s a warm, fuzzy show and the warmest, fuzziest of the lot is Jonathan Van Ness. A hairdresser by trade he’s a natural in the spotlight and also hosts a very popular podcast, in which he investigates subjects that don’t usually come up on ‘Queer Eye’ (he recently looked at trade unions: “What are they? Are they something from the 40s? Why does the Supreme Court seem to hate them? I don’t know what a union is? Like, I’m a millennial!” Unfortunately he won’t be visiting the north-east during his first UK stand-up tour, but, hey, we’re a small country so if you’re willing to travel then you can see him in Manchester (26 April), London (27 April), Glasgow (28 April) and Dublin (30 April).

Jonathan Van Ness & Friends tickets can be bought from: livenation.co.uk