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Stage Editorial

sausagefingerts.jpg Responding to Bacon Knees...

‘Bacon Knees and Sausage Fingers’ is an extraordinary piece of theatre that was a total sell-out at Alphabetti Theatre in 2016 and it’s back this February for an extended run, a run which will also see a number of theatrical types such as Bonnie & The Bonnettes – pictured – reacting to it.

‘Bacon Knees & Sausage Fingers’ arose from an Alphabetti Theatre 24 Hour Challenge in 2015, when Gary Kitching and Steve Byron reacted to stimuli provided by director Ali Pritchard, to wit this bit of information: “In 1849, a week after the opening of the High Level Bridge in Newcastle, the Geordies worked out that it was exactly the same length as a dog track, and with raised pavements either side they had the perfect viewing terraces. Within a week the bridge was closed to traffic by hundreds of people flocking to the bridge, closing it off for dog racing.”

The play that swirled up from this nugget would go on to win the Experimenting with Form Award in the British Theatre Guide in 2016 and thrill audiences who wanted something a little bit different from their theatrical experience.

It is a heart-warming, harrowing and often hilarious piece that makes you an insider in an outsider’s world.

This latest run – from Alphabetti Theatre working in collaboration with The Worriers – will also see a number of theatrical troupes reacting to it in 20-minute slots after certain performances. These will include the musician and poet Diji (Tuesday 5-Friday 8 February, 9pm); the fabulous north-east theatre company Bonnie & The Bonnettes presenting their own version of the piece (Tuesday 12-Friday 15 February, 9pm) and The Twisting Ducks, a theatre company developed by a group of adults with learning difficulties who share a passion for performing (Tuesday 19-Thursday 21 February, 9pm).

Bacon. Knees. Sausage. Fingers. Sorted.

Bacon Knees and Sausage Fingers, Friday 1-Saturday 23 February (excluding Sundays and Mondays), Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle, 7.30pm, Pay What You Feel. alphabettitheatre.co.uk