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Music Editorial

deadlikewolvess19.jpg Local: Dead Like Wolves

Newcastle four-piece Dead Like Wolves have just banged out two new tracks and I’m filing both under “Belters!”

Dead Like Wolves! Where have you been all my life? I must admit, this Newcastle band had previously flown under my radar a bit but, with the release of these two new tracks, this four-piece have found my big button labelled “Interest Piqued” and started bashing it with alacrity. They’ve been compared previously to some of the big ol’ grungy US 90s acts such as Nivarna, Smashing Pumpkins etc, and, yes, they certainly do have a deft way with a riff. But they also have a certain something extra; a way with a tune that eschews fret frenzies for a woozy warmth that envelopes you with an ineffable sense of Mmm. Case in point is ‘Dolor’, which pulls off the trick of appearing both unhurried yet taut, with its tick-tocking bass and fuzzy riffs. And – praise be! – they have got a singer who can actually put over a tune; not in a flashy, check out my soaring scales kind of way, but in a way that makes you want to listen. Similarly, ‘Lament’ is a track that takes its sweet little time in building up some real atmosphere and it exudes the melodic know-how of Teenage Fanclub at their most languid. Up the Wolves!

Seek: facebook.com/pg/deadlikewolves; soundcloud.com/deadlikewolves