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Music Editorial

staustins19.jpg Local: St. Austin

They’re from Hexham (some of them)! They’re from Newcastle (some of them)! And they’ve just released their debut album. It’s really rather good.

And that debut album is called ‘Ever Since Friday’, which I’m sure means something to someone. If you’re looking for me to pigeonhole them – and I can sense that you’re really itching for some pigeonhole action – then I’m slapping St. Austin with an “Indie-More-Pop-Than-Rock” label. They’ve got a traditional set up – Guitars! Drums! Etc! – and, as is the wont with such stuff, it’s what they do with that set up that makes them interesting. And what they do is bring sweet, sweet melodies to your ears that are about as jaunty as a whistling postman who has just been told that he has been underpaid for the last five years and will now receive a lump sump. Songs such as ‘We Got Us’ are practically jumping in the air and clicking their heels together. There’s a delightful, cynicism free air swirling around them, which is utterly infectious, and you can’t help but be swept up by their glorious pop-timism. If you’d like a blast of aural sunshine on these dark nights then take yourself off to Spotify or Apple Music where’ll you’ll be able to hear said album in full.

Seek: facebook.com/pg/saintaustinband