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Our Crack Little Crack

bercow.JPG Brexit Kerfuffle

With all of this Brexit kerfuffle taking place (I expect you’ve heard something about it) there are a few bits of government business going under the radar. If you can feel a “Such as…?” coming on then let me hit you up with this little nugget: from April anyone wishing to access online porn in the UK will need to submit themselves to age verification checks which may require users to input bank card details into all of the pornographic websites they visit. There does, however, appear to be a strange kink in this law (so to speak) as it will only apply to websites that are more than “one-third pornographic”. Will this lead to a plethora of sites – who want to bypass these checks – made up of stuff that is two-thirds not porn? Users would have to wade through pages and pages of stuff on shipping tariffs and loft conversations before they got anywhere near the naked bums. It’s certainly a loophole that is open to abuse – quite literally.