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Our Crack Little Crack

treerubbish.jpg It’s beginning to look a lot like – STILL JANUARY

It’s beginning to look a lot like – STILL JANUARY. Boo! I miss Christmas! Where once everything was bedecked in tinsel, bonhomie and repeats of old sitcom Christmas specials, now everything is merely forlorn rags and pure desolation. In the last week I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe: knackered Christmas trees lying in alley ways; I’ve watched glittery cardboard reindeer antlers swirling around the car-park in Morrisons. All those Christmas memories will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die… BUT NO! I’m already counting the days until Christmas 2019 – quite literally. I’ve made a massive advent calendar with 358 windows on it, starting from 1 January and running through to Christmas Eve (memo to self: must pitch this idea to the bozos on Dragons’ Den: “I’m looking for 100% of half a million pounds”). But there are other people on my estate who obviously love the festive season just as much as I do because on the way to work this morning I noticed that someone has put their Christmas tree up for 2019 already! Go them! (Mmm… I suppose there is a small chance that they haven’t taken their tree down from last Christmas yet. Unlikely, but I’ll keep an eye on it.)