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Queer Editorial

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Meet the new year, same as the old one…

It tells you something about the state of our national politics when you’re relieved that Theresa May wins a vote of no confidence against her, which was happening as I sat down to write this new year message. Does anyone really know what’s going on? Big red buses with big fat lies daubed on their sides, a broken benefits system, an already half-privatised national health service on its knees and being picked at by hungry capitalist vultures, inequality at its greatest ever, fucking food banks – decent people having to use fucking food banks – the decline of industry, as well as all manner of dodgy deals going on over the pond in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s Mueller-lite all right over there right now. I’ve just watched the misogyny wrapped up in the backlash against the MayBot. And while I am no fan of her and her Tory bedfellows, let’s not forget who gave life and momentum (pun most definitely intended) to the Brexit shitstorm that is now our leaders’ gift to UK citizens. When David Cameron passed the EU referendum he handed that sticky turd straight on and went on holiday for several years (or something like that, allegedly). The UK is an international joke in an international joke of a global system, the sole aim of which is to increase the bottom line. How did it get this bad? Imperial karma folks. The white British Empire has, for a long time, just marched around collecting land and power and possessions, while murdering and enslaving and then pretending none of it happened. Build your house on those kinds of foundations and someday it’ll all fall. I wish I had something better to say to mark the beginning of 2019 but I suppose out of this chaos might just come the means of making some positive change and progress. I read somewhere that when it’s dark don’t mistake being planted for being buried. So, let’s pray, hope and/or drink to that. All the best to you all. Be safe. Do your best. Be kind to yourself and to others.