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beerstreet18.jpg We’re only here for the Beer Street

Beer Street is a little oasis of calm (or micro pub, if you will) in the centre of Newcastle that has been created for beer lovers by beer loves (and, yes, as the picture kind of indicates, they do quality spirits too).

The north-east has bloomed resplendently over recent years with some really top-notch micro pubs, and Beer Street in Newcastle is one of our very favourites. The venue is fully independent and they support other independents in the region in shape of local breweries who are currently making some of the best craft beers you’ll find anywhere in the UK. They also have been holding some great events in the pub including a recent Grapple Arcade smack-down (for the uninitiated this was a night featuring a whole bunch of retro videogames that go down particularly well when mixed with beer). They’re also working with musicians (solo and duos only) and are hoping to do an exciting collaboration with their wonderful interior artist Sune (whose stunning work forms the backdrop to the bar which has been inspired by the Hogarth prints that gave the pub its name). It’s a small space (capacity 50) but they have plenty of big ideas: check them out.

Beer Street, Arch 10, Forth Street, Newcastle, NE1 2NZ. They’re on Twitter: @BeerStreetNCL