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Music Editorial

til18.jpg Local: Tomorrow Is Lost

If you’re thinking Tomorrow Is Lost look like they play classic rock belted out with all the force of a runaway train, then you’d be right on the rootin’ tootin’ money.

We’ve featured Newcastle band Tomorrow Is Lost on the Local Scene page before, when they were just finding their feet, but I thought it was high time that we included them again seeing as they’ve not only found said feet, but have now strapped them on and are running pell-mell towards a massive 20ft flashing sign that reads “Bright Future Right This Way”. They’ve previously regaled us with a couple of very feisty singles, and a show-stopping cover of Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart’, but their debut ‘The Shadowman EP’ has just been released and it features five tracks of rare melodic power. Leading the way is Cass King, who has one of the best rock voices you’ll hear anywhere in the north-east, and she is superbly backed by a band whose riffs fly hither and thither like a box of fireworks lobbed on a bonfire. They’re not doing anything insanely original, but if you like your rock to sound as if it has been marinating in a vat of Jack Daniel’s for the last 30 years, then you’re not going to go far wrong with this bunch.

Seek: facebook.com/tomorrowislost