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Art Editorial

dameflora.jpg Isn’t that Dame Flora Robson?

Indeed it is, and one of the region’s greatest ever actors is commemorated in ‘Capturing a Star: Dame Flora Robson and other works by Dame Ethel Walker’ at the South Shields Museum & Art Gallery.

Originally from South Shields Flora Robson’s film career took her from a bit part in the 1931 crime drama ‘A Gentleman of Paris’ to a Stygian witch in the 1981 fantasy epic ‘Clash of the Titans’. In between those two roles she starred in prominent films both in the UK and the US including the likes of ‘Wuthering Heights’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and one of the greatest British films of all time ‘Black Narcissus’. She was also an award-winning theatrical talent and renowned for her performances of emotional intensity. This exhibition features Dame Ethel Walker’s stunning portrait of her (pictured) and six other works from the renowned Scottish painter on loan from the Royal Academy. Walker was a strong character who did not conform to perceived gender roles of the time and challenged traditional views of femininity; for example, she insisted sitters remove their make-up before she painted their portraits. The exhibition also includes other works from the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle.

Capturing a Star: Dame Flora Robson and other works by Dame Ethel Walker, until 2 March, South Shields Museum & Art Gallery. southshieldsmuseum.org.uk