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Stage Editorial

approachingempty.jpg Taxi for Live Theatre

The award-winning playwright Ishy Din’s latest is ‘Approaching Empty’ in which, from his base of a scruffy minicab office, Mansha decides that it’s time to create his own destiny… 

‘Approaching Empty’ is set in the north-east in the aftermath of Margaret Thatcher’s death and sees Mansha offering to buy a business from his lifelong friend Raf. But as the realities of the state of the business slowly unravel, these two best friends must confront the difficulties of going into business with those closest to them. This compelling drama has been written by Ishy Din and it lays bare the everyday struggle of a post-industrial generation of South Asian British men. Din previously scored a huge hit with ‘Snookered’ – offering us a window into the lives of young British Muslims burdened by cultural expectations yet charged with personal dreams – which won rave reviews across the board and Best New Play at the Manchester Theatre Awards. His latest is a unique collaboration between three of the most progressive companies in the UK – Live Theatre, Kiln Theatre and Tamasha – and it will receive its world premiere in Kiln Theatre (based in Kilburn) before heading our way in early February.

Approaching Empty, Wednesday 6-Saturday 23 February, Live Theatre, Broad Chare, Newcastle, 7.30pm (mats Thurs & Sat 2pm, Sun 4pm), £10-£22 (conc. from £6). www.live.org.uk