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batmanjumper.jpg Geeky Christmas jumpers

That “let’s all dress up in cheesy jumpers because it’s really funny” thing hasn’t died out, has it? If anything it seems to get bigger year on year. If you’ve been caught up in the whole rigmarole then you could do a lot worse than check out the range from Numskull.

This annual Christmas pullover thing began innocently enough. Jumpers decorated with reindeers, snowflakes and other assorted yuletide icons were once the preserve of carol singers and mulled-wine quaffers, but they managed to make the cultural leap to the general populace when the general populace realised that they could play the ironic card. Since then the more traditional dad-jumpers have fallen by the wayside somewhat, to be replaced by winter warmers celebrating Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Rick & Morty etc. There are plenty of companies around banging out such pop cultural fare but Numskull (who make the Sonic the Hedgehog and Batman jumpers, pictured) are among the most imaginative. They’ve got geeky tops by the score, referencing everything from Harry Potter to Candy Crush, and come in at about 40 quid. Me? I’ve resisted so far, but if anyone comes up with a Christmas jumper paying festive homage to the game show ‘Pointless’ or BBC art historian Dr Janina Ramirez, then I’m sold.

Seek: numskull.com; geekstore.com