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Music Editorial

weshallovercome18.jpg Who shall overcome? Us!

Times are tough in austerity Britain but We Shall Overcome – a movement of musicians, artists, activists and community leaders – are taking practical measures to help people out. (Including a gig in Durham.)

“Austerity is over,” according to the Prime Minister but her words ring hollow when you consider the increase in child poverty, homelessness and use of food banks in the UK. We Shall Overcome, angry about austerity measures foisted on the poor by the rich, are aiming to help those affected, with each event used to directly benefit the community in which it is based. The Durham event is set to be hosted by Claypath Deli with funds raised going to the RT Project in Durham, which seeks to engage those suffering from mental ill-health in creative projects. And they’ve secured a fabulous line-up for this gig that is being headlined by The Kets. Bob Fischer at BBC Introducing is a big fan of the band (“Perfect pop music”) and they certainly don’t shy away from tackling the big issues of the day. Also on the bill are Bubamara (pictured – think Sicilian skiffle, Cossack ska, songs from the hash houses of Greece, all in one delirious, high-energy whirl) and Steve Pledger (FATEA magazine frothed: “A genuine protest singer, up there with the likes of Billy Bragg”). Is it possible to have better fun than this while raising money for a good cause? I honestly don’t think that it is.

We Shall Overcome 2018: The Kets + Bubamara + Steve Pledger, Saturday 8 December, Claypath Delicatessen, Durham City, 6pm, £5. weshallovercomeweekend.com; facebook.com/events/585621721794324