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Music Editorial

blakksabbath18.jpg Local: Blakk Sabbath

It’s Christmas. Sod it. I’m sticking Blakk Sabbath on the Local Scene page. I mean to say, who exactly is going to stop me? Can you guess which band they’re a tribute to…?

No tribute bands. That was the only brief the editor gave me when I started writing these pages, but I’m sure he doesn’t read my stuff so I’m going to try and sneak this in. Because, after all, who doesn’t love a bit of Black Sabbath? One of THE key British rock bands they influenced everyone from Guns N’ Roses to Nirvana. They hung up their chewed bats last year however, which makes Blakk Sabbath an even more vital proposition. The Newcastle band were put together by drummer Mick Simpson and bassist Dave Boggon who recruited Chris Goodband on guitar and Rik Lambert on vocals and since their first gig in April this year they’ve taken the local pub rock scene by the scruff of the neck and given it a ruddy good shake. Not only do they play the same instruments as Ozzy and co, but their use of lights, smoke, pyros and atmospherics sets them a cut above other Sabbath tribute bands out there. See for yourself as they’ve got a number of gigs in December including The Turf in Consett (1 December), The Sun in Burnopfield (8 December) and the Christmas Rocks event at the O2 Academy in Newcastle (28 December).

Seek: facebook.com/blakksabbathband