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prettygreen18.jpg Pretty in green

This cardigan (or knitted shirt, if you will) couldn’t be more mod if it went and chucked a couple of rockers off the promenade in Brighton. It’s available from Pretty Green.

The designers at Pretty Green must look at old photographs of pop stars for inspiration in the same way that Donald Trump’s hairdresser looks at old photographs of Donald Trump. To keep moving on, they have to keep harking back. But it’s little surprise to see a fashion label founded by Liam Gallagher rummaging around in a 1960s dressy-up box for inspiration, seeing as his old band were at it for years. Often this has produced collections that are really top drawer, especially if you want to look like a roadie for Ocean Colour Scene. And, yes, they are derivative, but sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and say: I don’t care which Small Faces photo shoot they copied this from, it’s still a beauty. Case in point is this cardigan, or knitted shirt, as they term it. It’s made from pure cotton and comes with finely ribbed trims, and is also available in blue. And as well as that 1960s look, it’s also got a feel of the highly covetable Duffer of St George cardigans that were all the rage in the late 1980s/early 90s. If you’ve got a pocket full of pretty green (about 85 quid’s worth), you could do a lot worse.

Seek: prettygreen.com