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Music Editorial

berniechristielocal.jpg Bernie Christie

If you squint a bit, you might just be able to make out north-east singer, songwriter and musician Bernie Christie. It’s worth the effort, because she’s very good.

It takes some chutzpah to open up your new album with an acapella track but Bernie Christie appears to be the kind of lass ready to go big or go home. And it’s a quite beautiful song; devastatingly so. She had me at: “Sometimes I want to crawl into your arms and have you hold me again”, but I really lose it when she imparts: “I can hear your voice in everything I say”. And the song is given extra emotional heft by the ethereal, choral effect. The album is entitled ‘Scattered Silhouettes’ and it features 16 acoustic tracks that live or die on the quality of Christie’s songwriting chops and her voice. And – pleased to report – her voice carries all before it (it’s not unduly flashy, but it definitely holds you rapt), and her songs really stand the scrutiny of being stripped back to their bare essentials. She’s also not averse to dropping in some nicely evocative imagery into her words, which gives an extra edge to the melodies. Someone with a lot of talent to spare, she’s also involved with Alchemy Lane (a folktronica type of thing) and Wires and Diamonds (her electronica alter-ego) and you can bone up on the whole caboodle from her website, below.

Seek: skinnylanesounds.com