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Art Editorial

sideeast.jpg A peek behind the iron curtain

‘The Inner Eye’, The latest exhibition at Side Galley, gives us an introduction to the photographic work of the German Democratic Republic, which is still relatively little known in the UK.

‘The Inner Eye’ features over 250 works by 10 of the most important GDR photographers, giving an insight into the life of ‘The Silent Country’. It explores how the photo artists dealt with society and positioned themselves between ideological propaganda and an individual, artistic expression. The exhibition has been curated by Jan Sobotka (and includes ‘Public House’, Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania, 1984, by Ute Mahler - pictured) and will be accompanied by a retrospective of East German film and other events (check the Side Gallery website for more details on these).

The Inner Eye: Aspects of GDR Documentary Photography, until 16 December, Side Gallery, 5-9 Side, Newcastle. amber-online.com/side-gallery