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Music Editorial

shieldslocal18.jpg SHIELDS

Newcastle band SHIELDS haven’t released any new material for a couple of years but they’re back this autumn with what those in the know are calling “a bang”.

I love SHIELDS’ first album ‘How Can We Fix This?’ which was released a couple of years ago and resplendent with the kind of zappy art-pop that hit you in the head, the heart and the groin simultaneously. It was fresh, piled high with hooks and ready to party. And then – nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. The band have actually been nurturing their record label and artist management company Kaleidoscope and doing sterling work with some of the best up and coming artists around such as the always brilliant Callum Pitt. But – quick, pass me a roll of bunting! – the band have also been working on new material such as ‘Evidence’ which is taken from their new EP. A wonderful slice of new-pop-funk, with a chorus that demands “Where’s the evidence?” it’s an exhortation, in this Trumpian, Brexiteering, post-truth world, for some facts. And it’s just one of the sterling tracks taken from their ‘Etemenanki’ EP which is out this month. The band are also playing a special hometown gig at the Star & Shadow in October and I imagine it’s going to be quite a knees-up.

SHIELDS, Friday 26 October, Star & Shadow, Warwick Street, Newcastle, 8pm, £8 adv/£10 door. behindshields.com