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Our Crack Tongue & Groove

juulpic.jpg What fresh hell is this?

Juul is a new kind of e-cigarette which has gained something of a cult following in the US due to their supposedly cool appearance. Me? No thanks, I’ve just put one out.

Let’s face it: smoking is cool. Think of Humphrey Bogart ruefully lighting up in Casablanca as he weighs up the pros and cons of helping the war effort on one hand while passing up the chance to shag Ingrid Bergman on the other. BUT NO ONE EVER LOOKED COOL IN A COFFIN, RIGHT? (Expect, maybe, Humphrey Bogart.)

E-cigarettes (sidebar: can no one think of a better name for these products? Plaka Puffers?) are apparently much safer than normal cigarettes but anti-tobacco groups are still urging the UK government to stop Juul products being made available over here because - according to similar bodies on the other side of the Atlantic - they lure children into nicotine addiction due to their fancy appearance. I’m not sure what fancy appearance they’re referring to as these electro-gaspers look remarkably similar to USB sticks, never an item I’ve considered particular hip, even if they do come in mango nectar and glacier mint flavours.

And if you’re taking up smoking in an attempt to exude an air of urbane cool, then these daft bits of plastic from Juul are not going to help, no matter what funky colours they use. Imagine trying to chat someone up while wielding one of these. No one could pull that off (except, maybe, Humphrey Bogart, although even he might struggle if he’s all, “Here’s looking at you, kid” with a flash-drive stuck in his mouth).